If you’re looking for sliding doors for your extension, new build or garden room, the choices can seem endless. But before you even start thinking about which glazing company to choose, it’s important to know what you want from your new doors. Maybe it’s all about appearance? Or perhaps security is an important factor for you? Whatever your priorities, it’s worth thinking through the following issues in your search for the best aluminium sliding doors for your project.

Ultraline fixed corner post sliding doors black


Less is more

There’s a general rule of thumb that the thinner the frame, the better the door. A slimline frame not only looks stylish, it also maximises the view. Our advice is to look for as narrow a sightline as possible to open up the view and bring as much natural light into the space as you can.

Quality is everything

Sliding doors are a big investment so it’s absolutely vital to prioritise quality. Aspects to look out for are steel rather than plastic rollers and aluminium frames with a marine-grade powder coating. These features will ensure your sliding doors work seamlessly and withstand the elements for many years to come.

2 pane ultraline sliding doors


Peace of mind

Thanks to rapid technological advances, large expanses of glass no longer have to represent a security risk – quite the opposite, in fact. Electronic locking systems can create a more secure entry point than manual locks and can be easily integrated into a Smart Home system. At Minima Sliding, we offer the most secure door on market, meeting the requirements of both the PAS 24:2016 security standard.

Energy efficiency

If environmental matters are close to your heart, you’ll want to look at the U-value of your sliding doors. The greater the insulation properties of a glazing unit, the lower the U-value. For example, our sliding doors have a U-value of 1.2 – aligned with current Building Regulations requirements. Things to consider regarding energy efficiency are argon-filled double glazing and warm edge spacer bars around the glass.

It’s all in the detail

When you’re choosing beautiful sliding doors to last a lifetime, it’s often the little things that matter. Do the doors slide effortlessly on tracks that lie flush to the floor? Are the handles integrated into the frame to achieve a perfectly symmetrical appearance? And when the doors are fitted, do the installers use Compriband expanding foam tape rather than silicone to create a seamless, high end finish? These are all aspects to look out for when selecting your sliding doors.

Ultraline large 4 pane sliding door installation gough


Need some inspiration? Take a look at our gallery page to see some of our award-winning sliding doors in action.