• Visual Advantages
  • Functional Benefits
  • Thermal Performance
  • Installation Features

Make the most of the view

The fundamental principle of our sliding door system is more view, less frame. The system is designed to show only 20mm of frame at sides, top, and bottom; perfectly matching the 20mm central vertical interlock.

By housing the electric locking system in the head frame and using an integrated handle, you can achieve perfect 20mm symmetry using our door system.

Enjoy the seamless transition from inside to outside

Our system is designed to give you flush floor levels. The 75mm bottom frame is sunk down to ensure the track is flush with the internal and external flooring. A visible cill option is available if flush track finish is not required.

Maximise your glass sizes

Ensure your architectural project takes full advantage of the large panel sizes our sliding door system can handle.

Individual panel sizes of up to 4.2 metres wide and up to 3.2 metres high, not exceeding 9sqm per panel (or 5.4sqm per panel for triple glazed option).

Maintain consistent frame sizes with matching fixed windows

For architectural consistency, we also manufacture large floor to ceiling fixed windows in a profile that matches our sliding doors.

Choose from 4 modern frame colours

The polyester powder coated (PPC) colours are coated to 60 microns marine-grade standard to ensure longevity in coastal areas and beyond. The RAL colours are standard colours from the RAL chart and as such, are simple to colour match with other items.

  • Brushed Platinum (Anodised)
  • RAL 7016 Matt Anthracite Grey (PPC)
  • RAL 9005 Matt Jet Black (PPC)
  • RAL 7021 Matt Black Grey (PPC)
Ultraline sliding door opening corner black frames

Enjoy effortless sliding operation

Our sliding door locking system is operated by an elegant wall switch, making the frame more visually appealing but also making it simple to use.

The stainless steel rollers and runners we use on our system guarantee smooth operation and freedom from rust throughout the lifetime of the doors.

Open the corner of your home with sliding corners

Our system can be manufactured with sliding or ‘opening’ corners, which allow the corner of your property to fully open.

In addition, our system is amongst the few on the market that can be manufactured with different numbers of tracks meeting one another at the sliding corner. This gives you more architectural flexibility to have say, a triple track door meeting a single track door at an opening corner. Many systems are more limited and can only do double track meeting double track at a corner, for example.

Make the most of the view with glass to glass corners

Maximising the view from inside, our system can be manufactured with fixed glass to glass corners, which further reduce frame size.

Create the wow factor with pocket doors

Nothing creates the architectural ‘wow factor’ like a pocket door, where the glass slides into a wall cavity, hidden from view. With our system you can have double, triple and quad track pocket doors.

Rest assured with watertight integrated drainage tray

Our doors are installed onto a drainage tray, which allows all water to drain away into the external drainage channels of your choice, ensuring your property remains leak-free. This integrated drainage tray is compatible with all external drainage systems.

Ventilate the space without creating a security risk

With our system, you can lock the doors in a 100mm semi-open position, to allow air-flow into the room without risking unwanted entry.

Put safety first

In a power cut, our electric locking system locks into ‘fail secure’ mode, which means the doors are locked until the power comes back on again. There is a hidden manual override cord to unlock the doors from inside if needed.

Integrate our doors into a smart-home system

We supply our doors with a Niko Home Control wall switch as standard, which means the electric locking system on our doors can be easily integrated into a Smart Home system, either immediately after installation or at some point later.

Choose from 3 track options

Our system comes with 3 track options:

  • Double – 155mm
  • Triple – 233mm
  • Quad – 310mm

Add laminated glazing as necessary

A laminated glazing upgrade is available for compliance with Part Q (Security) of building regulations if it is required.

3 panel sliding door
Cambray Ultraline sliding floating corner project (1)
Ultraline 4 panel sliding doors with glass to glass corners installation Watford
Arthur Road Ultraline Sliding doors glass box extension minima sliding doors installation
Ultraline kent showroom East Peckham sliding doors showroom MORE OF A VIEW

Leave a smaller carbon footprint

Our sliding doors achieve an overall u-value of 1.2 with double glazing and 0.7 with triple glazing. The minimum u-value required for building regulations compliance is 1.2.

With u-values, the lower the number, the better the u-value. Our door system goes above and beyond the requirements.

Upgrade to triple glazing

Opting for triple glazing will improve the overall u-value to 0.7. This upgrade is available if needed but is restricted to panel sizes of up to 5.4sqm.

Reduce your utility bills with high performance glazing

Our high-performance double glazed argon-filled units feature low-e glass with black warm edge spacer bars.

Benefit from a thicker glazed unit

Our glazed units have an overall unit thickness of 36mm, made up of 6mm, 8mm or 10mm glass panes. Other systems are 28mm as standard.

Upgrade to solar control glazing

A solar control glazing upgrade which improves the g-value is available if needed.

Ultraline 4 panel sliding doors with glass to glass corners installation Watford
Opening corner sliding doors Ultraline doors installation

Save time and money with our industry-beating lead-times

With our clients’ needs in mind, we are continuously working to improve our lead-time, which is 6-12 weeks.

Installed by in-house installation teams

Our installers are employed by us and have worked for us for many years only installing our doors. They install our doors across the country, day in, day out, taking pride in every installation.

Working safely and efficiently

Working neatly and safely is paramount. We are accustomed to handling and installing large units, we safely install our doors using our selection of glass lifting robots.

Benefit from our single product focus

Focusing purely on installing our UK-made Ultraline sliding door has allowed us to hone our processes and become exceptionally efficient.

Minima Sliding surveyor and installers installing sliding doors
Minima Sliding surveyor and installers installing sliding doors
Black ultraline sliding doors with black cladding new build Black ultraline sliding doors with black cladding new build
Ultraline pocket sliding doors Ultraline pocket sliding doors