With many of us having our travel plans curtailed this summer, we’re having to rely on our own gardens to give us that holiday feeling. But if you’re having a staycation instead of heading abroad, how do you create that sense of a much-needed summer escape?

The answer’s simple. A cleverly designed outside space which integrates effortlessly with your interior living areas. Minima’s award winning sliding doors will help you achieve a luxurious outdoor space with a seamless transition between home and garden.

Ultraline 2 panel sliding door in modern zinc clad extension


Create an outdoor living area

We all know about ‘bringing the outside in’, but did you know that ‘bringing the inside out’ is also a thing? The growing trend for outdoor entertaining spaces involves incorporating all the elements you’d normally associate with a living room. So that means comfy sofas, lighting, rugs, and lots of cushions and candles to give that homely feel.

The sales of outdoor sofas have soared over the last year as so many of us have wanted to create a relaxed, holiday vibe in the garden. Teak and rattan are popular choices for outdoor seating because they’re both timeless and highly durable. Modular sofa sets are also big news this season, as are contemporary swing seats and L-shaped sofas.

Creating clearly defined zones for eating and relaxing is essential if your outdoor entertaining space is going to be a success. With Ultraline sliding doors, you can create a seamless link between inside and outside with a flush threshold. This means the floor levels remain the same and there’s nothing to step over as you move from inside to outside or vice versa.

With alfresco meals being key to that holiday feel, it’s important to set up your outside dining area only a few paces away from your sliding doors. That way you won’t have far to walk when carrying drinks and treats out to your guests. Go to town with your dining area to make meals in the fresh air feel truly special with festoon lighting, a stylish table cloth and brightly-coloured tableware.

Ultraline 2 panel sliding door with opening corner in modern zinc clad extension


A seamless link between inside and out

At Minima Sliding, we’re all about blurring the lines between house and garden to create stunning spaces flooded with natural light which connect directly with the great outdoors.

Our award winning sliding doors have slimline frames with a narrow 20mm sightline which means that you get more view and less frame. This applies whether you’re looking from the inside out or from the outside looking in. All you see is space and light, with the doors themselves almost disappearing from view.

Our expertly engineered sliding doors with their flush threshold system also allow you to create a near-invisible transition between inside and outside. Carrying drinks out to your guests is a breeze as you move effortlessly between indoors and outdoors.

Why not further enhance this seamless feel by continuing the same flooring from the inside to the outside? If you have slate tiles in the kitchen, for example, you can use them for the patio as well to create a visual link and the illusion of a one large, flowing living space.

Cambray Ultraline sliding floating corner project (1)


Invest in award-winning sliding doors

To create the luxurious feel of a high end holiday home, we recommend combining a floating corner with our large glazed sliding doors to really open up the house to the garden. This visual illusion, in which the corner of the building appears to ‘float’ without any visible support or structure, creates the ultimate entertaining space in which the inside and outside merge as one. Find out more in our blog post all about floating corners.

Thanks to our market-leading slimline frames, your home will be flooded with sunshine even on days when the weather isn’t warm enough to open the doors fully. Our narrow 20mm sightline means that you can maximise both the view and the amount of natural light. Giving you that holiday feeling even when you’re inside!

Our doors also have a ventilation mechanism in which they can be opened to create a 100mm gap while still being securely locked in place. The gap is too small for a person to fit through, but perfect for ventilating a room on a hot summer’s day.

With our expertly engineered sliding doors and unparalleled customer service, we are delighted to have two major industry awards to our name. Ultraline received Best Glazed Doors in the 2019 Build It Awards and Highly Commended Door Supplier at the 2021 Homebuilding & Renovating Awards.

Do you think our award winning sliding doors might be the right option for your next project? Do give us a call and we can help you create the ultimate indoor-outdoor entertaining space.

Ultraline Kent showroom team black and white


Our 3 top tips for creating the perfect patio

1) Zone your space

Think carefully about how you’re going to use your patio space and create clearly defined areas for eating and relaxing – just as you would for the interior of your home. Minima’s award-winning sliding doors allow you to achieve a virtually invisible glass divide between home and garden, enabling you to make the most of your outside space.

2) Make it comfortable

To create the perfect patio, you want to make the seating areas as comfortable as possible. The more comfy and welcoming the space is, the more you’ll use it. So go for sofas with squishy cushions, and add in bean bags and soft throws.

3) Add a tropical vibe

Bring a holiday feel to your outdoor living room with tropical touches such as fragrant plants, potted palms and colourful accessories in bright pinks, yellows and greens. Creating a lush, tropical vibe will help you feel like you’re on holiday despite the fact you’re stuck at home in the UK!