There are few things more important in life than feeling secure in your home. When you close the doors on the world after a long, hard day, you want to know that you and your family are safe from any possible intruders.

So, when it comes to choosing doors and windows for your home, it makes sense to ensure they tick all the boxes on the security front. Here are the key aspects to consider regarding security when choosing premium sliding doors…


Do the doors meet industry security standards?

This is an important one, because not all doors do. The minimum security requirement for the installation of glazed doors in the UK is the PAS 24: 2016 standard. This is an accredited British Standard required to comply with current building regulations.

In our mission to ensure our products go above and beyond to keep you safe, all of Minima’s double glazed, toughened glass doors meet both the requirements of PAS24: 2016 as standard. There’s no need for a costly upgrade to achieve these levels of security.

It’s also worth noting that if required, we can supply laminated glass for building regulations Part Q compliance (this only applies to ground floor and easily accessible first floor windows and doors on new builds).

Ultraline sliding doors PAS24 and Part Q compliant


What about the locks?

Whereas most glazing companies offer a manual, multi-lock mechanism, Ultraline’s premium sliding doors have a near invisible, electric locking system, making them one of the most secure doors on the market. When activated, a stainless steel bolt concealed in the top of frame slides across to secure the door. With no visible handle or obvious locking point, there is no clear point of attack for a potential intruder.

This ‘invisible’ locking system is activated via a wall pad similar to a light switch when securing the doors from within the property, or it can be integrated into a smart home system or operated remotely via a key fob. In the event of a power cut, the lock system goes into ‘fail secure’ mode which means that the doors are automatically locked until the power returns. A manual override cord is hidden in the track to the side of the door to allow the doors to be safely unlocked from the inside if required.

Ultraline minimal frame sliding door patio door kent showroom


How do I keep my home ventilated and secure at the same time?

When it comes to looking at ventilation options for your premium sliding doors, it’s important to make sure the room can be ventilated while still maintaining optimum security. But how can you let the fresh air in while keeping burglars out? The answer is a sliding door that allows you to securely lock it in a semi-open position.

Ultraline doors can be opened to create a gap of 100mm, while still being able to be securely locked in place. The narrow opening is big enough for fresh air to get through, but much too small for an unwanted human. The perfect solution! Particularly for a property such as our seafront project in Whitstable which has a public coastal path running just metres away from the rear garden, making security a top priority.

Anodised Ultraline sliding door 3 pane doors


What about the installation process?

One of the most worrying times during the renovation process can be when a property becomes vulnerable to a break-in when the original doors are removed or when the extension is opened up into the main house.

By continuously striving to reduce our lead times and install our doors as quickly as possible, this risk and headache is significantly reduced.

Ultraline fixed corner post sliding doors black


Minima Sliding: 3 Top Security Facts

  1. All of our premium sliding doors surpass the necessary industry security standards making them one of the most secure options on the market.
  2. Minima’s ‘invisible’ locking system with its concealed bolt not only creates a highly secure door, it also deters burglars because there is no obvious point of attack.
  3. Our industry-beating lead times reduce the risk of break-ins, allowing you to secure the apertures as quickly as possible.
2 pane ultraline sliding doors


Is security an important issue for your project? Call us to talk through your specific security requirements.