New to Minima Sliding this season is a triple-glazed Ultraline sliding door option to provide increased levels of thermal performance.

“Already standard in much of northern Europe, triple glazing is rapidly becoming the default choice for UK residential building projects,” says Dan Smith. “Many of our customers had been showing in an increased interest in triple glazing, so we’re delighted to be able to meet this demand. And with building regulations changing in response to environmental concerns, triple glazing represents a great way to future proof your property.”

The new triple-glazed Ultraline sliding door achieves a U-value of 0.7 as opposed to 1.2 with Minima Sliding’s standard, double-glazed door. Both types of doors look identical and have the same minimal 20mm frame all the way around. Triple-glazed panels can be supplied in sizes up to 5.4 m².

Pool house sliding doors from Minima Sliding doors installers silver sliding doors

Key points: 

  • Minima Sliding are RIBA-approved specialist installers of the award-winning Ultraline slimline sliding door system
  • Minimal 20mm frame maximises the view and creates a pleasing aesthetic popular with architects and interior designers
  • State-of-the-art electronic locking system makes Ultraline one of the most secure doors on the market
  • Energy-efficient aluminium doors provide excellent thermal performance
  • Precision-engineered doors proudly made in the UK
  • Minima Sliding provides outstanding customer service – always going above and beyond

Thinking about sliding doors in triple glazing for your project? Give the sliding door experts at Minima a call to find out more about the award-winning Ultraline sliding door system.