A well-ventilated space is essential for health and wellbeing. A good flow of fresh air makes a difference to how we feel in our homes, and it also helps prevent issues such as condensation and mould. So how do you go about deciding which ventilation options are best when selecting premium sliding doors?

In this blog post, we outline the main things to consider when it comes ventilating your new, glazed space…

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What do I need to think about in terms of ventilation?

Any newbuild or extension needs to be properly ventilated to allow for the circulation of fresh air and to help prevent condensation. You’ll need to comply with building regulations, but there are still a few different options to choose from when it comes to ventilating your glazed space.

A trickle vent – a small opening above a window or door designed to ‘trickle’ air into the room – is one of the most conventional and commonly used options for ventilation. But these openings are unsightly, difficult to clean, and can let in unwanted noise. More importantly, incorporating trickle vents into a sliding door means that the frame has to be significantly wider to accommodate it. A chunkier frame will obstruct your view, whereas Minima’s slimline sliding doors have a consistently narrow 20mm frame all round to maximise the view and create an aesthetically pleasing look.

The other ventilation option for premium sliding doors, and one that’s unique to Minima Sliding, is a function in which the door can be secured in a semi-open position with a ventilation gap of 100mm. This narrow opening is big enough for fresh air to flow through, but too small for an intruder. This allows for a good circulation of fresh, cool air – even on the hottest of days – without compromising security.

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Will my garden room or extension overheat in the summer?

“Many of our customers worry about this,” says Minima’s Sales Director, James Day. “They think they’ll need curtains or blinds to keep the temperature down, but more often than not they don’t need anything to regulate the heat because our glass is designed to reduce solar gain. Our high performance glazing gives an overall U-value of 1.2 which is aligned with current Building Regulations requirements.

In essence, the lower the U-value, the greater the insulation properties. “This means our doors are less likely to let heat out in the winter, and in the summer they reduce solar gain by forming an effective barrier against the heat of the sun,” explains James.

So when you combine our ventilation system with these high levels of thermal performance, the end result is well-regulated air quality in the home. All incorporated in a stylish, contemporary product in a choice of colours with marine-grade powder coating as standard. Just one of the reasons architects and developers often specify Ultraline Sliding Doors for their projects.

Ultraline minimal frame sliding door patio door kent showroom


What else should I think about when choosing premium sliding doors?

Quality is everything when you’re thinking about investing in a product you will use every single day for many years to come. At Minima Sliding, we pride ourselves on the quality of our expertly engineered sliding doors. Our single product focus (we only make sliding doors) means that we have been able to hone our manufacturing and installation process to ensure we deliver doors of the highest possible quality.

The sliding mechanism of our doors is effortless because of our durable stainless steel rollers and flush-to-the-floor tracks. And our sliding door system can accommodate huge glass panels of up to 4.2 metres wide thanks to the robustness of our market-leading aluminium frames.

Maximising your view is also incredibly important when choosing sliding doors. Slimline frames with a narrow profile will serve to maximise the view, fill your home with natural light, and a create a stylish, contemporary look.

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The ventilation function of our doors – in which the doors can be securely locked in place with a gap of 100mm – is just one of the reasons why Ultraline won Best Glazed Doors at the 2019 Build It Awards and Highly Commended Door Supplier at the 2021 Homebuilding & Renovating Awards.

Highly Commended - Door Supplier of the Year


Want to know more about our premium sliding doors? Give us call to talk through your requirements.